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Board of Directors

Moraga Country Club Board of Directors are made up of 9 Homeowners and 3 Equity Members.

Board Members will serve a term of three (3) years, but may choose to run again for a second term serving a maximum of six (6) consecutive years. In addition, Board Members are individuals who can represent and consider needs of the entire membership, even though they may be either a Owner or Equity Member. 
  • Bill Hamlin, President, Owner Member
  • Anne Willcoxon, Vice President, Owner Member
  • Bret Brodowy, Treasurer, Owner Member
  • Tamara Bryan, Secretary, Owner Member
  • Paul Crinks, Equity Member Liaison, Equity Member 
  • Ginger Bagai, Owner Member
  • LJ D'Iorio, Owner Member
  • Maureen Freeman, Owner Member
  • Ralph Nefdt, Owner Member
  • Lina Lee, Owner Member
  • Roger Topp, Equity Member
  • Matt Rei, Equity Member

Board Meetings are open to the  General Membership. The Board ordinarily meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at approximately 6:00pm. The agenda will be available to view at the Concierge and online at least 4 days before the meeting. 

May Management Report

Next Open Meeting -  Clubhouse
Thursday, June 20th, at 6:00 PM



All minutes are available for review at the Concierge, including draft and approved minutes.

Homeowner & Registration Fees
Home Sale Administrative Fee $5,000
Tenant Registration Fee
Tenant Security Deposit

Equity Member & Swim and Tennis Membership Fees
Equity Member Initiation Fee $60,000
Equity Member Monthly Dues $851
Equity Member Waitlist Deposit $7,500
Swim and Tennis Initiation Fee $15,000
Swim and Tennis Monthly Dues $583
Swim and Tennis Waitlist Deposit $2,000
Other Fees
Document Duplication Fee
Members will be provided (without charge) copies of the Associations's governing documents when membership begins, and as any changes are adopted. Duplicate copies of the Association's governing documents will be provided for Members, but are subject to a duplication fee.
 $10 per document           
Copies of Board Minutes
A fee will be charged for personal copies of past 12 months Board of Directors meeting minutes. There is no charge for reviewing office copies.
Document Fee
When requested by the Seller of a property, a package containing copies of the CC&R's, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Articles of Incorporation and other required items will be provided for a fee.
Misc. Golf Fees
Private Golf Cart Permit Fee
Owners of private golf carts used on the Association premises will be charged a fee. The fee is billed and due in June, together with signed registration agreement. The fee may be pro-rated for permits issued after July.
Golf Guest Fees
Members hosting guests for use of the golf facilities will be charged the following guest fees, Limit 3 guests during the Week and 1 guest on the weekend

9 Holes Weekday Weekend or Holiday
18 Holes Weekday/Weekend or Holiday
 Junior* 9 Holes Weekday / Weekend or Holiday (after 1PM)
Junior* 18 Holes Weekday / Weekend or Holiday (after 1PM)

*Junior=Ages 17 and Under

$75/ $85
Golf Cart Rental Fee
9 Hole Single Rider
9 Hole Double Rider
18 Hole Single Rider
18 Hole Double Rider

Range Balls
Range Balls are setup in pyramids on the range.
Half Stack (70 balls)
Full Stack (140 balls)

Unlimited Range (yearly fee) $25 monthly. Must commit to 12 months.


Tennis Guest Fees
Members hosting guests for use of the tennis facilities will be charged the following guest fees per court
Per Person

Tennis Reciprocal Fee
Arrangements may be made by a member of another Club for reciprocal play at Moraga Country Club through the Director of Tennis at each facility.
Tennis Ball Machine Fee
The tennis ball machine may be rented on an hourly basis
Adults (hourly)
Juniors (hourly)
Swimming Pool Guest Fee
Daily, 7 days a week, including Holidays
Pool Key Fee
Access to the main swimmming pool and three satellite pools is by key only: Members may purchase in the Club office for the following fee:
Pool Key Replacement


* To View more Fees & Fines, please review our Rules & Regulations